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Canadian Pharmacies Diovan -  Diovan Canada Buy

Available Pricing for Diovan


Canadian Pharmacies Diovan | Diovan Canada Buy | Discount Diovan Canada

Brand: Diovan | Germany | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 320mg tablet$170.00
Diovan 168 x 320mg tablet$323.00
Diovan 252 x 320mg tablet$459.00
Diovan 336 x 320mg tablet$578.00
Diovan 420 x 320mg tablet$680.00
Diovan 504 x 320mg tablet$765.00
Diovan 588 x 320mg tablet$833.00
Diovan 672 x 320mg tablet$884.00

Brand: Diovan | Canada | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 320mg tablet$220.06
Diovan 168 x 320mg tablet$440.12
Diovan 252 x 320mg tablet$660.18
Diovan 336 x 320mg tablet$880.24
Diovan 420 x 320mg tablet$1,100.30
Diovan 504 x 320mg tablet$1,320.36
Diovan 588 x 320mg tablet$1,540.42
Diovan 672 x 320mg tablet$1,760.48

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 320mg tablet$154.34
Generic 200 x 320mg tablet$260.00
Generic 300 x 320mg tablet$365.66
Generic 400 x 320mg tablet$471.32
Generic 500 x 320mg tablet$576.98
Generic 600 x 320mg tablet$682.64
Generic 700 x 320mg tablet$788.31
Generic 800 x 320mg tablet$893.97

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 320mg tablet$156.70
Generic 200 x 320mg tablet$313.40
Generic 300 x 320mg tablet$470.10
Generic 400 x 320mg tablet$626.80
Generic 500 x 320mg tablet$783.50
Generic 600 x 320mg tablet$940.20
Generic 700 x 320mg tablet$1,096.90
Generic 800 x 320mg tablet$1,253.60


Canadian Pharmacies Diovan | Diovan Canada Buy | Discount Diovan Canada

Brand: Diovan | World Brand | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 40mg tablet$116.34
Diovan 168 x 40mg tablet$162.91
Diovan 252 x 40mg tablet$209.48
Diovan 336 x 40mg tablet$256.05
Diovan 420 x 40mg tablet$302.62
Diovan 504 x 40mg tablet$349.19
Diovan 588 x 40mg tablet$395.76
Diovan 672 x 40mg tablet$442.33

Brand: Diovan | Canada | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 40mg tablet$173.16
Diovan 168 x 40mg tablet$346.32
Diovan 252 x 40mg tablet$519.48
Diovan 336 x 40mg tablet$692.64
Diovan 420 x 40mg tablet$865.80
Diovan 504 x 40mg tablet$1,038.96
Diovan 588 x 40mg tablet$1,212.12
Diovan 672 x 40mg tablet$1,385.28

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 90 x 40mg capsule$60.42
Generic 180 x 40mg capsule$72.16
Generic 270 x 40mg capsule$83.90
Generic 360 x 40mg capsule$95.65
Generic 450 x 40mg capsule$107.39
Generic 540 x 40mg capsule$119.13
Generic 630 x 40mg capsule$130.87
Generic 720 x 40mg capsule$142.62

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 40mg tablet$94.79
Generic 200 x 40mg tablet$189.58
Generic 300 x 40mg tablet$284.37
Generic 400 x 40mg tablet$379.16
Generic 500 x 40mg tablet$473.95
Generic 600 x 40mg tablet$568.74
Generic 700 x 40mg tablet$663.53
Generic 800 x 40mg tablet$758.32


Canadian Pharmacies Diovan | Diovan Canada Buy | Discount Diovan Canada

Brand: Diovan | Israel | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 80mg tablet$130.72
Diovan 168 x 80mg tablet$261.44
Diovan 252 x 80mg tablet$392.16
Diovan 336 x 80mg tablet$522.88
Diovan 420 x 80mg tablet$653.60
Diovan 504 x 80mg tablet$784.32
Diovan 588 x 80mg tablet$915.04
Diovan 672 x 80mg tablet$1,045.76

Brand: Diovan | World Brand | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 80mg tablet$140.00
Diovan 168 x 80mg tablet$271.60
Diovan 252 x 80mg tablet$399.00
Diovan 336 x 80mg tablet$520.80
Diovan 420 x 80mg tablet$637.00
Diovan 504 x 80mg tablet$764.40
Diovan 588 x 80mg tablet$891.80
Diovan 672 x 80mg tablet$1,019.20

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 90 x 80mg tablet$75.88
Generic 180 x 80mg tablet$106.66
Generic 270 x 80mg tablet$135.65
Generic 360 x 80mg tablet$164.64
Generic 450 x 80mg tablet$193.63
Generic 540 x 80mg tablet$222.62
Generic 630 x 80mg tablet$251.61
Generic 720 x 80mg tablet$280.60

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 80mg tablet$103.40
Generic 200 x 80mg tablet$206.80
Generic 300 x 80mg tablet$310.20
Generic 400 x 80mg tablet$413.60
Generic 500 x 80mg tablet$517.00
Generic 600 x 80mg tablet$620.40
Generic 700 x 80mg tablet$723.80
Generic 800 x 80mg tablet$827.20


Canadian Pharmacies Diovan | Diovan Canada Buy | Discount Diovan Canada

Brand: Diovan | South Africa | Mfg: Novartis

Diovan 84 x 160mg tablet$164.88
Diovan 168 x 160mg tablet$329.76
Diovan 252 x 160mg tablet$494.64
Diovan 336 x 160mg tablet$659.52
Diovan 420 x 160mg tablet$824.40
Diovan 504 x 160mg tablet$989.28
Diovan 588 x 160mg tablet$1,154.16
Diovan 672 x 160mg tablet$1,319.04

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 200 x 160mg tablet$154.34
Generic 300 x 160mg tablet$207.17
Generic 400 x 160mg tablet$260.00
Generic 500 x 160mg tablet$312.83
Generic 600 x 160mg tablet$365.66
Generic 700 x 160mg tablet$418.49
Generic 800 x 160mg tablet$471.32

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 160mg tablet$129.20
Generic 200 x 160mg tablet$258.40
Generic 300 x 160mg tablet$387.60
Generic 400 x 160mg tablet$516.80
Generic 500 x 160mg tablet$646.00
Generic 600 x 160mg tablet$775.20
Generic 700 x 160mg tablet$904.40
Generic 800 x 160mg tablet$1,033.60

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